2016 Men’s Style Predictions

What’s in. What’s out.

2015 felt like a supercharged year in terms of trends, we saw so much appear and rise to ubiquity in lightening speed – brown suede boots (worn in a Saint Laurent style), Dior sunglasses, pink caps, the Yeezy colour palette – there was barely time to cotton on before these trends already seemed a bit done. With Instagram propagating these styles to every last corner of the globe in a matter of milliseconds, 2016 seems like a year where personal style and individuality will champion all. Read on for my predictions of what will blow up this year, and what we can expect the mannequin at H&M to be rocking soon enough…

IN – Cropped Pants/Jeans

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Everyone loves an exposed ankle, it’s a men’s fashion classic, but this year, I expect to see ankles popping out of suit pants, tailored trousers, jeans, and really any leg concealing garment.

OUT – Skinny Jeans

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Jeans have steadily slimmed down for the past 5 consecutive years, and on the girl’s side of fashion, they’re already considered basic. I expect the same feeling to creep into men’s fashion this year.

IN – Derbies

“How’s this blazer”

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It’s been a while since anyone has considered the oxford/derby shoe to be fashionable or interesting, but in the past few years we’ve cycled through every other traditional shoe design having it’s moment – slippers, moccasins, boat shoes, chelsea boots – it’s the derbies turn next.

OUT – Stan Smiths

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Do I even need to comment on this one.

IN – Denim Jackets

Lord knows

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Denim jackets haven’t really slipped from ‘cool’ status, but it doesn’t really feel like they’ve had their moment either. Since the influence of the 70s is sticking around, I think this is an outerwear garment we’ll be seeing a lot of this year.

OUT – Bombers

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The MA-1, the Saint Laurent teddy, the Haider Ackerman one, we’ve seen several ‘it’ designs on the backs of a lot of fashion stars. This is one design we’ve probably seen enough of.

OUT – Saint Laurent Model Wannabes

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Don’t get me wrong, I am a humungous fan of Hedi Slimane’s collections for Saint Laurent, and do believe every single look in the Fall/Winter 2013 show was visionary, but there comes a point when seeing the same pairings repeated on every SLP fanboy’s Instagram becomes tiresome and predictable.


The combination of Instagram/Tumblr/whatever-site-for-inspiration and fast fashion means that looks and designs can become very stale very quickly. 2016 seems like year when unexpectedness and originality will be held above all else.

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