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For me, maintaining smooth, blackhead free and even-toned skin is not so easy. I have a tendency to break out on my forehead, get white heads on my cheeks, and flakiness around my nose, so I’ve had to carefully consider my cleansing and exfoliating routine to counter this.

Dr. Jackson’s 07 FACE WASH Review

Dr. Jackson's Cleanser

My current daily cleanser is the Dr. Jackson’s 07 FACE WASH. I won’t lie, I mostly bought because of the hype around this brand and the chic bottle (and because Naturismo had 15% off on it), but I’m glad I did. It gives that thorough clean feel you’d want from a foaming cleanser without stripping too much. The scent is pretty typical citrus. The bottle is sturdy glass, though I must point out the pump is too generous and you’ll end up wasting if you press too hard. In general it’s a pretty standard cleanser but I’m happy with it for now.

To exfoliate, I use 2 products, one for chemical exfoliation, and the other for physical exfoliation. I would definitely recommend having a google of these terms if they’re not familiar to you. Some people might recommend only the former but I stick to both.

Nip+Fab’s Glycolic Fix pads Review

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix

To chemically exfoliate, I use Nip+Fab’s Glycolic Fix pads, formulated with glycolic acid. As these are sold in stores like Boots in the UK, the percentage of acid is very low, however I still think they’re effective. These are great for fading away acne scars, preventing razor burn, and also making things like Benzoyl Peroxide (if you use it) more effective.

Jurlique’s Purely Age Defying Refining Treatment Review

Jurlique Exfoliator

Finally, to scrub, I use Jurlique’s Purely Age Defying Refining Treatment. This smells soooo good. It’s also has a nice texture and doesn’t scratch your face off like some cheaper exfoliators. Downside is it’s a very small bottle and not so cheap.

Cleansing every day with Dr Jackson’s, Jurlique a few nights a week in the shower (in place of the Dr Jackson’s), and following up with a Nip+Fab pad once in a while works well enough for me. Let me know what your cleansing and exfoliating routine is in the comments below!