PLACEinProfile: 3 Minutes Sur Mer

Retro french styling and good food…

3 Minutes Sur Mer is a special restaurant. The dining room is a sort of jumbled blend of antique furniture and immaculately laid tables, with certain gloomy areas that somehow sit in front of huge, light-flooding windows. It’s a special ambience and not necessarily a bad one. The service is friendly and quick. For a brunch occasion, the menu rattles through the typical french bistro choices – think ham, cheese, salad and bread.


The eggs Benedict with smoked ham and wilted spinach was actually much better than is represented in this rather congealed image – but can you really recommend a restaurant who’s presentations are not instagramable?


This classic serving I can heartily recommend. Ok not heartily because I’ve had better, but the bouillabaisse was a fine choice, and a rather budget price for the smaller portion produced a rather copious serving.


I don’t have a lot to say about 3 Minutes Sur Mer, it was good, and it was alright. I sway between both opinions, and I only had brunch. Why don’t you have dinner there and tell me how it is…

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