PLACEinProfile: Breakfast at the Chiltern Firehouse

Breakfast at one of London’s most exclusive restaurants…

After 11 months of living in Germany, I finally went back to the UK (my birth country) last weekend. Though I was staying in Bristol, the first stop on a busy day-in-London itinerary was breakfast at the Chiltern Firehouse. The heat and hype surrounding this restaurant has perhaps simmered down slightly since the summer, but it is still certainly a favorite among the see-and-be-scenesters. We reserved about 3 weeks in advance, and that was sufficient notice for this Friday morning indulgence.


The menu is fairly traditional, and the prices are pretty reasonable.





I plumped for the beef and vegetable hash, topped with a poached egg and my favourite, hollandaise sauce. The eggs were perfectly runny, and really, it was a perfect meal. The beef was even left a little rare. However, my friend went for the similar mushroom hash and ended up with one of her egg yolks completely cooked through – gourmet sacrilege! She didn’t mention it to the staff, but that should probably not be happening at such a prestigious address.



OF COURSE, after that, it was time for a Green Juice, with kale, cucumber, apple, and citrus. On arrival it was a little dull for me, but after the request of ice, it was great!

The service was good too, and not the least bit snotty, which might have been expected at such an elite place. One annoyance was that we didn’t seem to have one waiter, but instead just whoever passed by, which was slightly disruptive.


I had to snap a picture of the very royal bathrooms (and yes, the hand wash was Aesop).


Despite the non-runny egg and the lack of sole waiter, I really did like the Chiltern Firehouse. The very chic atmosphere, the good food, and the not unreasonable pricing left me very satisfied.

Chiltern Firehouse, 1 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7PA, United Kingdom, +44 20 7073 7676

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