PLACEinProfile: Dos Palillos by Albert Raurich at Casa Camper Berlin

I recently had the pleasure of lunch at Dos Palillos, a restaurant by Albert Raurich, (previous right-hand man of Ferran Adrià at El Bulli), at the Casa Camper Hotel in Berlin, Germany. The restaurant is a Berlin offshoot of its Barcelona namesake. We enjoyed the four course lunch menu (25e) that included a glass of wine. Atmospherically, the place exudes cool, with soft white furnishings, splashes of red, and floor to ceiling windows channeling lots of light in.

The set menu included an appetiser of (sorry, I’ve forgotten all of the exact names!) marinated mushrooms served with monkfish liver, which had an almost foie-gras-esque taste. The flavours were new to me, and were thoroughly relished.


PLACEinProfile: Dos Palillos by Albert Raurich at Casa Camper Berlin


Next was a slightly more intricate course of Thai mussels, prepared table-side. A chef emerged with scorching hot stone bowls, reminiscent of Korean Bibimbap, into which he added coconut water, Thai basil, lemon grass, mint and the Mussels. On went the lid and just a moment later, a refreshing, light and thoroughly aromatic dish was served.

On to the next, and one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. This involved a miniature steamed fermented bun, filled with a cooked-rare beef patty, pickled cucumber, a smear of soy ketchup and a scattering of the herb shiso. Though a touch on the oily side, the burger managed to preserve the very delicate and aromatic theme of the meal we had thus enjoyed.


A very aromatic meal at Dos Palillos by Albert Raurich at Casa Camper Berlin


To conclude, a Matcha flavoured sponge cake – a classic, airy and pleasant sponge cake rolled around a creamy Matcha green tea filling. The dessert had a somewhat earthy taste, thanks to the strong taste of the Matcha, and we could feel the ant-oxidants rushing into us. It was a very satisfactory end to a very enjoyable lunch. The service was unobtrusive, prompt, friendly and informal.

Restaurante Dos Palillos, Weinmeisterstraße 1, 10178 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 20003413.

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