PLACEinProfile: LE BAR à Vin at Galeries Lafayette

LE BAR à Vin at Galeries Lafayette this month ran a promotion offering oysters at 1 euro each, how could one resist!

LE BAR à Vin is located in the basement of Galeries Lafayette Berlin, amongs the gourmet food department, and offers a traditional French bistro menu.


Oysters weren’t quite enough for a hungry boy like myself, so of course I had to indulge myself with  a Roquefort burger and some frites.



The burger was delicious – a nice thick patty with all the usual garnishes, and nice slab of roquefort. I don’t usually like roquefort that much, but combined with the meaty beef juices of the burger, it was quite delicious.


The frites were also great, and were fried in what must have been lard – or something meat-tinged and fatty. Healthy they weren’t, but tasty they were!


Finally, the oysters arrived. Boom.


The ice platter was piled high with 36 oysters, and some classic accompaniments.


The oysters were huge. Like huge. I regretfully have to say that I did not enjoy them at all. I am normally a big oyster fan, but these were WAY too salty, too fishy, and too big. They lacked the usual distinctly lemony taste of a fresh oyster, and instead just tasted like fishy salt water. The giant size of them made them difficult to palette.


The service at LE BAR à Vin could also do with some improvements. There just wasn’t enough waiters, and it was a push to get anything – water, another knife, etc.


I would recommend the restaurant, as the food-scene around Friedrichstraße can certainly be a little desolate, so this is a decent pit stop for a nice French bistro lunch.

LE BAR à Vin at Galeries Lafayette,Friedrichstr. 76-78, 10117 Berlin

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