PLACEinProfile: NENI, Berlin

Middle eastern cuisine with the animal kingdom in sight…

NENI at the 25hours hotel is unique on the Berlin dining landscape. It’s one of the highest restaurants in the city, it’s in a modern glass and steel setting, the service is actually like, service, and the food offering is unmatched in terms of concept.



To start, we had the humus selection, including beetroot and horseradish, curry and mango, and classic. The flavour additions offered little in the way of differentiation, but it was enjoyable none the less.


The grilled chicken with oriental spices, fresh herbs, humus, Har Bracha tahina and bell pepper was flavousome and tender.


Continuing the chicken obsession was the chicken breast strips in crispy almond coating
with sweet potato fries and sweet chili chutney. I was in a fried chicken mood and this hit the spot perfectly, though it was a bit brown looking.


The caramelised eggplant with chili, ginger and couscous was warm and rich tasting, and a very large portion.


I can’t actually remember what this was. I can’t find anything on the menu online that sounds like it either. I’ll say it was unmemorable. The salad looks tasty though.


Finally, we rounded off with a very not traditional chocolate fudge brownie with salted caramel sauce – it was pretty good.


Oh yeah, and the view is pretty immense, even on this dreary December day.


NENI Berlin, Budapester Straße 40, 10787 Berlin, +49 30 12022120

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