PRODUCTinProfile: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This is very Patrick Bateman.


Roaming the bestsellers list, you can really find some interesting and critically lauded products (by Amazon’s faithful 1 to 5 star reviewers). One recent discovery was Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay face mask.



This is actually just 100% bentonite clay, and by mixing it with some apple cider vinegar and a little water, it turns into a very classic-in-appearance face mask. Light green, slimy and wet, smooth it over your face (particularly the T-zone) and proceed to wait.


It will slowly harden, and as it does, your pores PURGE. At least this is what it feels like. Eventually, after 25 minutes or so, the mask will become so tight you won’t be able to stand it anymore. At this point, leap into the shower and rinse it all off. At first glance, you’re skin will look blotchy and red, but over the next few hours, it will look smooth and glowy. Enough applications will zap out all your black heads, and hopefully prevent breakouts. It may be messy but this is a great face masque.