PRODUCTinProfile: My New Routine

Skin on fleek. Here’s how.


Skincare routines change all the time, mine included. Recently however, I have been having great success in combating breakouts with the prescription treatment Duac (ask your doctor about this if you haven’t considered prescription acne drugs, even if your acne is mild). Duac is very effective, for me at least, but a bit drying. To compliment this skin superhero, I have found a couple of chic and effective products that I am very happy with.



This is a pretty gentle and pleasant smelling foaming cleanser by Australia’s Grown Alchemist, it leaves your skin with a nice glow after washing and doesn’t break the bank. The severe packaging seals the deal.

– Note, this is the point where I would slather on some Duac. –



This jumbo sized bottle of serum may turn you off with its high price – but look at how much you get! Like all of Aesop’s products, its scent is divine, and its protective and restorative effect certainly justifies the splurge.



Finally, I seal everything in with a light moisturiser. This is actually very light, but it absorbs instantly, and of course, since its Aesop, smells divine. TIP – buying the larger sizes of Aesop’s moisturisers gives you twice the product at only a fractional price upgrade.



I hate spending a lot on eye cream, especially since I’m barely 24, but this easygoing eye cream is regularly on promotion during “French Pharmacy” brand sales at feelunique, and its moisturising effect is just what’s needed after too much partying.

A stylish skin regimen, may make you feel like a million bucks, as well as sit pretty above your sink, and while investing in some nice products may require some splurging, keep an eye out for larger sized products. They are a great way to enjoy luxe potions and lotions at an affordable cost-per-ml. Math is seksy, so is flawless skin.

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  1. Leila Gordon says:

    Ask your doctor unless you live in England, where you’ll be told your problem isn’t severe enough to be recommended to a dermatologist. What’s wrong with perfection, England? #skincensorship

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