PRODUCTinProfile: Winter Skin… Be Gone


As temperatures plumet across the northern hemisphere, skin everywhere is flaking and looking red. I think these two products by French pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay do a great job of combatting such irritations.


After cleansing, apply the Hydreane Light moisturiser all over. I really, really like this product. It has a nice fresh scent, applies very easily, and once worked in, leaves a smooth finish, that absorbs to nothing after a few minutes. I forget I’ve put it on quite easily, but my skin stays moisturised. The only complaint is that the package is really quite small (40ml) but I feel you need fair bit to cover your face sufficiently. I think it’s a great formulation for anyone acne sensitive. It’s kept my pores nice and clear.

On dry patches that invariably crop up at this time of year, I apple the Cicaplast B5 balm. This isn’t really a balm, but more of a thick, waxy moisturiser that melts into a vaseline-y type substance once rubbed in. It isn’t a miracle worker, but it staves off any tightness or flakiness.

Layering these 2 products day and night is a pretty easy and fuss-free way to keep irritating winter skin at bay.

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