STYLEinProfile: For Dark Days

When it clouds over, the black comes out…

T-Shirt – Givenchy
Jeans – Topman
High Top Sneakers – Saint Laurent


I have a funny (not haha) relationship with the colour black. Until summer 2013, I did not own one item of black clothing. Then, it all began with a splurge on these Saint Laurent high top sneakers in shiny shiny black leather. I loved them, but I had nothing to wear with them. My now all-time favourite jeans, these Topman Stretch Skinny jeans, came next, and really it all spiralled from there. This Givenchy t-shirt was probably one of my all time best sale finds. I understand it to be a cult item in the cult of Ricardo Tisci, but I found it on final reduction at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh – for £86!. Now that we approach December, and the days get darker and darker, this all black ensemble seemed ideal. Don’t worry mum, I only took my jacket off for the photos.






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