STYLEinProfile: Am I French Yet?

Inspired by some of France’s most legendary fashion houses.

Shirt: H&M
“Leather” Jeans: Zara
Boots: Sandro


There’s something about the (current) aesthetic of French labels like Balmain, Saint Laurent, and Sandro that I identify so much with. The contrasting textures – leather, suede, wool, cotton, the skinny skinny cut, and above all, the blend of a sort of preppy look of nice shoes and good shirts, with leather jackets and skinny fits. To me it screams “I went to the French Lycée but I’m like really really cool” or “I just had tea at the Ritz Carlton with my grandparents but now I’m going to fuck shit up with my BFF”. Hopefully this is the look I projected as I braved the cold to take these pictures in nothing but a light cotton shirt.






These “leather” jeans are one of my favorite pairs in my wardrobe. When I first got them they were ridiculously shiny, but now they’ve kind of developed patina, how this is possible since they’re 100% plastic I don’t know, but they definitely got better with age.


Throwing a glare to someone about to ruin my shot.


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