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Serving one of Berlin’s greatest dishes…

Intimate birthday dinners often lead you to the best dining a city has to offer, and this was no exception. Tausend is a bar and restaurant housed under a popular Berlin train station (Friedrichstr.). Under the bridge, you’ll find an unmarked steel door. This is Tausend. Don’t bother knocking, the door swings open every few moments, where the host will greet you and get you to your table.

The menu is expansive, offering a seductive selection of Japenese-Latin American fusion, and to be honest, the prices were reasonable.

All good meals start with some good bread…

For a starter, we opted for the grilled eggplant with ponzu sauce. It was really excellent, smoky, rich, and succulent with its added citrus-y ponzu sauce.

The classic Ceviche was actually a bit of a let down. Far from bad, it was just rather one dimensional. Citrusy with fish.

The Gambas on the other hand were punchy and succulent, with a hearty Ajillo sauce. A fairly lean portion, but worth the order.

Next, to the mains. I plumped for the Tuna Tataki with Foie Gras and herb risotto. The presentation was stunning, and I definitely think you’re getting good value on the ingredients, but unfortunately I wasn’t sure this was a winner. The flavours didn’t really pair, and the foie gras was just kind of, there.

Now, this is where things really got special. The grilled Miso cod was the most expensive item on the menu, but it was just so good. I have never tried Nobu’s signature Black Cod with Miso so I can’t compare, but this was just perfect. The miso was salty and tangy and worked so well against the delicate, airy cod. The fish was very fresh, and it was cooked to a literal point of perfection. Just done enough to flake against a fork, but tender and moist, and hot. The green onions were all the flavor addition necessary to make this completely memorable. It was so good, that I’ll give it the title of ‘best dish in Berlin’.

We were pretty stuffed by this point, so a little pear sorbet was the perfect light but sweet ending. It wasn’t particularly frozen, slightly too mouse-y for my tastes, but the flavour was rich and the texture was light, so it was still very good.

Tausend Cantina is really an excellent spot – great food, chic clientele, and relaxed yet elegant surroundings. The trains rattling by overhead are both unsettling and amusing, but after a cocktail or two they cease to disturb.

Tausend Cantina, Schiffbauerdamm 11, 10117 Berlin. (49)(0) 30 27582070

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