That Special Dish


Everyone has that special dish that just transports them back to being something-years-old, at home with mum and dad. We typically turn to this dish whenever life gets us down and home is more than a 30 minute journey away. For me, it’s scrambled eggs. My mum used to always make me scrambled eggs on the weekend, and it was always a cherry on top of a morning spent watching cartoons.

Sometimes, this nostalgic feeling hits me unintentionally, like on a recent visit to Dean Street Townhouse, in London. This posh institution serves a menu of all of mum’s classics, but in the most upmarket surroundings, and served in the most refined way. I’ll be posting a full review of The Dean Street Townhouse soon, but I wanted to share this to take part in Quandoo and English Mum’s blogger challenge. You too still have a bit of time to partake and share your own special dish, read about it here.

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